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As your company grows, it becomes harder and harder to manage all of the issues that your employees face every day. These issues range from the complex to the benign things like: “I can't print” or “I don't know how to get this document over to a customer.”

Being able to organize these issues and approach them in a prioritized manner is one of the best reasons for having a Help Desk, whether that Help Desk is internal or external.

Imagine for a moment that you're preparing for a sales call with a customer. You start looking for the important documents you need for the presentation that you gave to the last customer, but the only thing you can find is an old PDF which is terribly out of date. You seem to remember one of your co-workers actually had the updated deck and they're not around anywhere and the file is on their computer. What do you do?

You have to work on updating that outdated document. You can recreate it again, but you really don’t have that kind of time. You could try different conversion tools, but you don't have the right one installed on your computer and may risk infecting your computer with spyware if you pick the wrong one. You really want to just change the logo and some pricing information on the document and send it to the customer.

This is a common situation that happens every day. Rather than working from the most recent copy and improving upon it, your time is spent reverse-engineering at the last minute, which is inefficient for you and less than stellar for the customer.

We like to call this the spiral of unproductively. This is when you can’t take a step forward until you have addressed the underlying issues and each step takes you back to the beginning.

This is the type of thing that a Help Desk can help you to avoid by immediately having software that's already licensed for the organization. You can get the full version of the PDF reader installed and the conversion all happens very quickly instead of struggling all day. Being prepared is sometimes the difference between being able to close new business with the customer or losing all their business. As you can see, there are four areas where money is being spent where a Help Desk could have helped solve the problem:

  • Time spent searching for the right document
  • Unable to update the document
  • Out of date info/retyping old information
  • Not prepared for the customer
  • How much did this simple issue cost your organization? Probably anywhere from a couple of bucks to potentially a lot of money.

If you decide on outsourcing your Help Desk, this is something we can assist you with at BCM Advisory Group. Not only do we have a ticketing system to help you get organized, but we can also get on the phone or chat and even remote into your computer to fix issues. This is priced per user. Plus, having someone to turn to reduces stress and anxiety for your employees, as well as increases productivity.

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