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I'd like to talk about a company we recently worked with as it shows how a small business can get sucked into something because of false impressions and misleading selling tactics. With any business there needs to be some sort of IT management, ways to save your work, a steady internet connection, and computers that work. I was given an opportunity to help a business that "had" these things, and I emphasize the word "had", and they were paying a ridiculous amount to a local IT/security company. I received complaints from the business, Maine Innovations Inc, is their name that they kept losing internet, their data was not syncing, and their server kept going down. I asked the owner of the business and he referred me to a company that they used for IT. I was confused. Why do these issues keep happening? They pay an arm and a leg to this “IT Company” who is supposed to take care of these things. Obviously that wasn’t happening. One big thing I hate to see is someone getting taken advantage off.

So I stepped in as requested by Maine Innovations. After several hours of calling the “IT” company I finally got someone to give me a few answers, as they dodged other questions I had. They claimed they managed the IT but yet when I showed them logs that said the server had been having issued for months they bounced me around to a different person who didn’t have an answer. I had to help this company-Maine Innovations. First off their set up was way too complex for a business that size. They had three servers set up, a bad router, and unnecessary wiring that lead to nothing. The “IT” company insisted to them that they needed this. The company only had four employees that actually used computers, internet, etc.

Why so complex? It’s because the “IT” saw an easy target that they could get a steady monthly payment from and have them agree to buy all of these machines and wasteful supplies from them. Oh, one last thing, they hosted their website, which had huge security holes in it, and it was never maintained.

I had to battle to get them to release the domain,(, even though Maine Innovations had bought it from them, so technically my client owned it. It was now my job to simplify this mess so the company could continue operating without dealing with outages and internet loss.

Technologies boost productivity by 13.24% (de Mendonca et all, 2008) and it is important for organizations to implement and utilize technology as a means to remain competitive. Workers who cannot adapt to new technology and remain highly productive will be replaced with those workers who can.

It was done. After almost two weeks of battling the old “IT” company for passwords, and access to my clients purchased items, I finally simplified the network set up, transferred the domain so that the company could actually control it, and created a simple network that everyone could share and work together. It was a huge success! Now this company can smile again because life at work is much easier! Don’t get taken advantage of. Ask as many questions as you can when starting something new, no matter what it is, otherwise predators will take advantage of naive customers.

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