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Research and Analysis

We dig deep into the organization to determine the fundamental and distinctive characteristics before determining the right strategy and solution. Making certain the theories are correct is the first step.

Strategic Planning

Based on the findings from our research and analysis, we create practical strategies and solutions that will improve business performance with measurable results.


We work with the key team members every step of the way during the execution stage ensuring the strategies defined are implemented in the most expeditiously, cost effective way.

Review and Revision

The business world evolves at record speeds with needs, wants and desires ever-changing. We ensure you are not left behind and give you the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition.

BCM Advisory Group

Located in beautiful downtown Portland, Maine, BCM Advisory Group partners with local New England businesses to improve operational and financial performance.

The consulting team at BCM Advisory Group understand your passion for success and growth, as well as the day to day challenges and opportunities of operating a business. We have been serving small and mid-sized businesses for over 15 years during both recessions and time of economic growth.

Our process is different than most consulting firms. Schedule a free consultation and we will explain why!

Our Services

The use of analysts and planning to save troubled companies and return them to solvency.
The use of high end accounting and analytical skills to investigate fraud or embezzlement.
The use of management skills to implement change and development within an organization.
Your on-demand IT department.
When things get bad, you need expert knowledge and quick turn around.
The implementation and management of quality information technology services.

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